Mentoring Jobs in Bristol – Empower Young Learners for a Brighter Future

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Welcome to Lexia Education Services, where we believe in the transformative power of mentorship. Our mission is simple yet profound: to recruitsupport, and train aspiring mentors in Bristol who have the passion and dedication to make a lasting impact on young learners’ lives.

At Lexia, we understand that the path to success for every child is unique, and that’s why we’ve made it our purpose to provide exceptional mentoring opportunities in Bristol. We believe that by connecting young learners with positive role models, we can help break down barriersfoster personal growth, and inspire a brighter future.

Our commitment to excellence starts with our rigorous recruitment process. We seek out individuals who possess a genuine desire to make a difference. If you have a heart for young people and a passion for guiding them towards success, we invite you to join our dynamic team of mentors.

But our support doesn’t end with recruitment. At Lexia, we believe in empowering our mentors through comprehensive training and ongoing professional development. We equip you with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to become an effective mentor who can truly make a difference in the lives of young learners.

Through our innovative “Mentoring the Mentor’s” programme, we go beyond traditional mentoring approaches. By incorporating the therapeutic aspects of sports, physical exercise, music, and dance, our mentors find common ground with young learners, helping to create connections and build trust. It’s through these shared experiences that we can break down barriers and create lasting positive change.

And here’s the best part – as a successful applicant, you’ll receive a complimentary Team Teach qualification. We believe in investing in our mentors, providing you with the necessary training and certifications to excel in your role.

Join Lexia Education Services and become part of a community of mentors who are passionate about making a difference. Together, we can inspire and empower young learners, ensuring that no child is left behind. Are you ready to take the first step towards transforming lives? Apply today and embark on a rewarding journey with Lexia Education Services.

Unlocking Potential: Our Impact on Young Learners

Discover how our mentors at Lexia Education Services unlock the potential of students through guidancesupport, and inspiration.

Empowering Young Learners

Guiding, supporting, and believing in the potential of pupils to inspire a brighter future.

Instilling Confidence & Resilience

Fostering confidence and resilience in students, empowering them to overcome challenges and believe in themselves.

Building Trusting Relationships

Establishing strong and trusting relationships with young learners, becoming trusted confidants and sources of inspiration.

Nurturing Social & Emotional Well-being

Nurturing the social and emotional well-being of children, promoting healthy relationships and self-esteem.

Fostering Inclusivity & Belonging

Creating an inclusive environment where every child feels valued and a sense of belonging.

Guiding the Path to Success

Guiding young people on their path to success, helping them set goals, develop strategies, and overcome challenges.

Investing in Mentor Training

Investing in mentors’ growth through comprehensive training and ongoing professional development.

Transforming Lives Together

Join our community of mentors dedicated to transforming lives, inspiring and uplifting young learners.

1.3 million young learners are at risk of exclusion in the United Kingdom, will you help make a positive difference?”

Benefits of Becoming a Mentor

Discover the rewarding benefits of becoming a mentor at Lexia Education Services, where you can make a lasting difference in the lives of children while developing essential skills and receiving valuable training opportunities.

Unlock Your Potential

Unleash your own potential while positively impacting the lives of young learners as a mentor at Lexia Education Services.

Inspire Growth & Development

Inspire personal and academic growth, contributing to the development of pupils’ potential and shaping their future.

Develop Essential Skills

Develop vital skills like communication, empathy, leadership, and teamwork through your role as a mentor, fostering personal and professional growth.

Invest in Your Success

Gain a FREE Team Teach qualification, investing in your training and equipping you with the necessary skills to excel as a mentor.

Job Responsibilities of a Mentor: Guiding, Connecting, and Inspiring

As a mentor within the “Mentoring the Mentor’s” programme at Lexia Education Services, your role is vital in guiding, connecting, and inspiring young people. Here’s an overview of your key responsibilities:

Your primary responsibility is to build positive and trusting relationships with the young learners you support. By fostering a safe and supportive environment, you create the foundation for growth, open communication, and meaningful connections.

As a mentor, you play a crucial role in breaking down barriers that hinder the progress of young learners. By understanding their unique challenges and circumstances, you provide tailored support, guidance, and encouragement, helping them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

You serve as a positive role model for children, demonstrating integrity, empathy, and resilience. Through your actions, words, and behaviour, you inspire them to believe in themselves, set high aspirations, and make positive choices.

Your role involves providing guidance and support to young people in various aspects of their lives. Whether it’s academic challenges, personal development, or social interactions, you offer valuable insights, strategies, and resources to help them navigate their journey successfully.

As a mentor, you encourage personal growth and development in children. By setting goals, celebrating achievements, and fostering a growth mindset, you empower them to realise their full potential and become lifelong learners.

You track and monitor the progress of young learners, celebrating their milestones and successes along the way. By recognising their achievements, you boost their confidence, reinforce their efforts, and motivate them to continue striving for excellence.

Your role as a mentor in the “Mentoring the Mentor’s” programme is both rewarding and impactful. Through your dedication, compassion, and commitment, you have the opportunity to guide children, break down barriers, and inspire them to reach new heights of personal and academic success.

Qualifications and Requirements: Making a Difference as a Mentor

At Lexia Education Services, we seek passionate individuals who are ready to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young learners. To ensure the best possible support for these individuals, we have outlined the qualifications and requirements for potential mentors:

Necessary Qualifications, Skills, and Experience

We look for individuals who possess relevant qualifications, such as a degree in education, psychology, or a related field. Additionally, experience in mentoring, teaching, or working with young learners is highly valued. A background in alternative learning provision (ALP) is advantageous but not mandatory.

Empathy, Patience, and the Ability to Connect

Empathy and patience are crucial qualities that mentors must possess. The ability to connect with young learners on a personal level, and understand their unique challenges and experiences, is vital for building trust and establishing meaningful relationships. Mentors must be able to create a supportive and non-judgmental environment where learners feel valued and understood.

Interest or Background in Sports, Physical Exercise, Music, or Dance

Having a background or interest in sports, physical exercise, music, or dance is beneficial as these elements are incorporated into our mentoring process. Mentors who can leverage the therapeutic aspects of these activities find common ground with students, breaking down barriers and fostering engagement and connection.

By meeting these qualifications and embodying the necessary skills and qualities, mentors at Lexia Education Services have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of young learners. If you are passionate, empathetic, patient, and have a genuine interest in connecting with and empowering young individuals, we encourage you to join our team of dedicated mentors and embark on a fulfilling journey of mentorship and personal growth.

Training and Support: Empowering Mentors for Success

Comprehensive Training

We equip mentors with essential skills and knowledge through rigorous training programs.

Ongoing Development

We provide continuous professional growth opportunities, workshops, and resources.

Supportive Community

We foster a collaborative network that nurtures mentorship skills and provides mutual support.

By providing comprehensive training, ongoing professional development, and a supportive community, Lexia Education Services ensures that our mentors are well-equipped, confident, and continually growing in their roles. We understand that mentors are more effective when they have the knowledge, resources, and a network of fellow mentors to rely on. Together, we can create a community that uplifts, inspires, and empowers mentors to make a lasting difference in the lives of young learners.

We recruit and support all kinds of Mentors

No matter your interest or speciality, we have a range of mentoring job vacancies to suit you. Below are just a few examples:

Youth Mentor

Guide and inspire young individuals on their journey to success.

Behaviour Mentor

Assist learners in developing positive behaviours and coping strategies.

Sports Mentor

Combine passion for sports with mentorship to inspire young athletes.

SEMH Mentor

Support young learners with managing their emotions and behaviour.

Pastoral Lead

Promotes well-being and growth in young learners.

Outreach Mentor

Empowers growth, fosters community connections.

Positive reviews from our Mentors

How to apply for Mentoring jobs in Bristol

To apply for mentoring jobs in Bristol with Lexia Education Services, the process is quick and straightforward. Apply online for any of our roles below!


Get answers to common queries about mentoring roles and opportunities in Bristol with Lexia Education Services.

While specific qualifications vary based on the mentoring role, a combination of relevant experience, a passion for helping others, and strong communication skills are valued at Lexia Education Services.

The mentoring process at Lexia Education Services involves building positive relationships with learners, providing guidance and support, and utilising various approaches such as therapeutic aspects of sports, exercise, music, and dance to find common ground and break down barriers.

We work with a diverse range of learners across different age groups, tailoring our mentoring programmes to meet the specific needs of each group, including young learners at risk of exclusion.

Yes, mentoring positions at Lexia Education Services are paid roles, offering competitive compensation and additional benefits.

Lexia Education Services provides comprehensive support and resources to mentors, including training programs, ongoing professional development opportunities, and access to a supportive community of mentors.

The frequency of mentor-mentee meetings may vary based on the mentoring program and individual circumstances. However, regular and consistent interactions are encouraged to build trust and facilitate progress.

The time commitment for mentoring positions may vary depending on the specific role and program. We work with mentors to determine mutually suitable schedules and ensure a balanced workload.

We strive to accommodate preferences and match mentors with suitable areas or schools whenever possible, taking into consideration geographic location and availability.

Absolutely! Lexia Education Services offers opportunities for ongoing professional development, career growth, and skill enhancement through workshops, seminars, and other learning resources.

To apply for a mentoring position at Lexia Education Services, simply follow the instructions above and apply online.

Still got questions? Apply online and we’ll be in touch to answer everything you need.

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