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While specific qualifications vary based on the mentoring role, a combination of relevant experience, a passion for helping others, and strong communication skills are valued at Lexia Education Services.

The mentoring process at Lexia Education Services involves building positive relationships with learners, providing guidance and support, and utilising various approaches such as therapeutic aspects of sports, exercise, music, and dance to find common ground and break down barriers.

We work with a diverse range of learners across different age groups, tailoring our mentoring programmes to meet the specific needs of each group, including young learners at risk of exclusion.

Yes, mentoring positions at Lexia Education Services are paid roles, offering competitive compensation and additional benefits.

Lexia Education Services provides comprehensive support and resources to mentors, including training programs, ongoing professional development opportunities, and access to a supportive community of mentors.

The frequency of mentor-mentee meetings may vary based on the mentoring program and individual circumstances. However, regular and consistent interactions are encouraged to build trust and facilitate progress.

The time commitment for mentoring positions may vary depending on the specific role and program. We work with mentors to determine mutually suitable schedules and ensure a balanced workload.

We strive to accommodate preferences and match mentors with suitable areas or schools whenever possible, taking into consideration geographic location and availability.

Absolutely! Lexia Education Services offers opportunities for ongoing professional development, career growth, and skill enhancement through workshops, seminars, and other learning resources.

To apply for a mentoring position at Lexia Education Services, simply follow the instructions above and apply online.

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