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The Power of Mentoring

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We’re pioneering a new school-based mentoring concept and job opportunity

With Bristol facing some of the poorest national attendance figures (27% vs. 23.9%), the highest fixed-term exclusion rates (8.3% vs. 4.8%), and a 24% increase in serious youth violence, our children’s educational and life outcomes are under threat. The COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated this crisis. Lexia Education Services is focusing all efforts and resources to support our most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, their families, and communities. We’re pioneering a new school-based mentoring concept and job opportunity to support our most “at-risk” children.

Here’s Our Model
for Success


We find and recruit the best local talent for our mentoring and tutoring programmes in South West England. Following REC guidelines, all our mentors and tutors are thoroughly interviewed and undergo full safeguarding and vetting checks.


We invest heavily in the upskilling of our Lexia mentors and tutors. Through regular training days, including Team Teach Training and more, we ensure our team remains at the forefront of educational excellence.


We personally review cases of disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, analysing supporting documents and liaising with the team around the young person to provide the ‘best match’ tutor or mentor.


We maintain strong connections with a wide range of schools, local authorities, and parents/carers, ensuring we are always in the know about who needs support. This network allows us to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of young people in our community.


We provide all the help and support our tutors and mentors need on a daily basis. Regular check-ins and performance reviews are key to maintaining our high standards of care and effectiveness.

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