Our Story

In the midst of the pandemic, the Co-Founders of Lexia Education Services were working within a large organisation and at the top of their careers. ‘Working from home’ they were consumed with how educational opportunities, mental health and well-being, and access to appropriate services for young learners – were greatly impacted.

Together, with the crucial help of our like-minded staff – we created Lexia. A community that has taken phenomenal steps, towards creating positive and long-lasting outcomes, for vulnerable and disadvantaged children across the Southwest.

Partnering with local authorities, alternative educators, and specialist provisions, Lexia are able to intervene by mentoring and training new talent. We are committed to inspiring a generation of young people, to explore the impact they can make in the special education sector. We advocate for young people who may have overcome their own challenging life experiences and adversities.

This group of passionate individuals has proven themselves to be some of the most relatable and engaging young people you will ever come across. All brought together by a common goal, to boost the confidence and self-esteem in the lives of the young people, who see them as the positive role models and support they so desperately need.

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