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Lexia Education Services provides award-winning alternative learning provision, raising the standard of educational support for our most at-risk students in South West England.

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Award Winning

Trusted by schools and local authorities in South West England

Making a Difference in our Community

Lexia Education Services goes beyond education, making a meaningful impact in South West England. Here’s how we contribute to our community:

Job Opportunities & Training

Diversity & Representation

Community Initiatives

Directly tackling the issues of poor attendance, high exclusion rates and serious youth violence in our schools, the trust and rapport built, with role models from similar backgrounds, has opened the door to significant improvements in children accessing their education and learning and this is just the start.

Pioneering a new school-based mentoring concept

As we continue to trailblaze a raised standard for our most at-risk students, we cannot wait to share in the continued success of our Community, as we inspire the next generation.

Click below to find out how our concept is helping our most “at-risk” young people:

Our impact in numbers

These numbers reflect our commitment to transforming young people’s lives and creating lasting change in South West England.

300+ Lexia Mentors & Tutors

70+ Newly Trained Mentors and Tutors in 2023

500+ Young People Supported Each Week

1000’s of Lives Changed

Our Mentors and
Tutors in Action

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Our partners

We work in collaboration with schools, local authorities and parents/carers across South West England, providing bespoke tuition and mentoring services to our most vulnerable young people.

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