Empower Young Minds: Apply for Tutor Jobs in Devon and Somerset

Join Lexia Education Services and Make a Difference in Young Lives.

At Lexia Education Services, we believe that every young mind deserves the chance to reach their full potential. As a leading educational partner, we bridge the gap between passionate tutors and the eager minds of Devon and Somerset. Our commitment is to provide tailored educational solutions that go beyond the ordinary, creating pathways for growth, achievement, and success.

Empower through Collaboration

Lexia partners with schools, authorities, parents, and carers. We fill gaps in education, crafting personalised programs aligned with learners’ EHCP for success.

Nurture Young Potential

In Devon and Somerset, young learners thrive. Dedicated tutors offer one-on-one support, breaking barriers for future success. Personalised interactions create an empowering educational journey.

Local & Global Impact

In Devon, Somerset, we reach beyond borders. Deeply engaged in local communities, we nurture an educational ecosystem. Local actions fuel global impact, shaping future generations.

Unleash Your Potential

Join our mission to empower young minds and shape education’s future. As a Lexia tutor, customise learning for individuals. Join a growth-focused team creating profound impacts.

As a tutor, you can make a difference to individuals in Devon and Somerset. Join our team, inspire young learners, and ignite growth. Apply now for a transformative journey with Lexia Education.

Tailored Education Solutions

Lexia tutors offer personalised support in Devon, Somerset. Adapting methods to unique journeys, our dedicated team guides young learners towards success.

Tailored 1:1 Learning Experience

Committed to growth, tutors engage one-on-one, targeting improvement areas. Tailored strategies address challenges, goals, and confidence-building. Guiding learners toward success is our expertise.

Expertise and Empowerment

More than educators, Lexia tutors are mentors fostering a love for learning. With expertise and passion, they empower young minds, creating a supportive environment where students explore, question, and discover potential.

Safe Learning Environment

Top priority: safety and well-being. Lexia follows REC guidelines, conducts interviews, checks for secure learning. Parents gain peace of mind with qualified professionals guiding their children in a secure environment.

“Tutors are the guiding lights that illuminate the path of knowledge for young learners in Devon and Somerset. With personalised support, they nurture not only academic growth but also confidence, curiosity, and a lifelong love for learning.”

Our Approach

At Lexia Education Services, we complete the educational puzzle by ensuring each child’s Education, Health, and Care Plan (EHCP) is at the centre of everything our tutors do. As the missing link, we organise and enhance education provision, fostering growth and overcoming barriers for young learners in Devon and Somerset.

We craft tailored programmes that align with these unique plans, addressing diverse needs and aspirations. Through personalised education, we pave the way for every child’s success, creating a brighter future.

Qualified Tutors and 1:1 Programmes

Our dedicated team of expert tutors and our impactful 1:1 tutoring approach breaks down barriers to learning and guides young learners toward success.

Lexia’s tutors bring expertise and experience to every session. They are well-qualified professionals who combine subject mastery with a passion for education. With a commitment to excellence, our tutors guide young learners toward academic achievements and personal growth.

Our 1:1 tutoring approach is a game-changer. Each young learner receives undivided attention, personalised instruction, and immediate feedback. This approach fosters rapid progress, builds confidence, and addresses specific learning needs. Through this unique connection, we empower students to embrace challenges, enhance skills, and unlock their true potential.

What qualifications and experience do I need to apply?

If you’re aspiring to join our team as a tutor at Lexia Education Services, here are the key qualifications and experiences we highly value:

Subject Expertise

We seek tutors with in-depth knowledge and mastery of their chosen subjects. A strong academic background and relevant qualifications are essential to effectively guide and inspire our young learners.

Teaching Proficiency

Your prior teaching experience, whether in traditional classrooms or one-on-one settings, is invaluable. Demonstrating your ability to convey complex concepts and engage students will set you up for success in our dynamic learning environment.

Tutor playing with a special needs child

Adaptability and Personalisation

Our tutors stand out by tailoring their teaching to match each student’s unique learning style and needs. Your skill in customising educational approaches will make a significant impact on the progress and confidence of the students you mentor.

Safeguarding Commitment

Upholding safety and compliance is non-negotiable. We prioritise the well-being of our students and require all tutors to undergo thorough background checks and vetting processes. Your dedication to creating a secure learning space is integral to our mission.

Support assistant for special needs child

By embodying these qualifications and experiences, you’ll contribute to the transformative educational journey at Lexia Education Services. Join us in shaping young minds, fostering growth, and making a lasting impact on the future of education.

We recruit and support all kinds of Tutors

No matter your interest or speciality, we have a range of tutoring job vacancies in Devon and Somerset to suit you. Below are just a few examples:

Special Needs Tutor

Specialist Tutor

Maths Tutor

English Tutor

Complex Needs Tutor

1:1 Tutor

Positive reviews from our candidates

How to apply for Tutoring jobs in Devon and Somerset

To apply for tutoring jobs in Devon and Somset with Lexia Education Services, the process is quick and straightforward. Apply online for any of our roles below!

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