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Pastoral Lead – SEN School

Part Time, Permanent, Temporary
Part Time, Permanent, Temporary
Salary: £92.50-£100 per day
Travel Expenses: £0.40 per mile
Immediate Start: Yes
Job Reference: MENTOR0014

We are currently seeking an experienced and compassionate Pastoral Lead to join our team at an SEN (Special Educational Needs) School based in Bristol. As a Pastoral Lead, you will play a crucial role in providing holistic support and guidance to students with special educational needs, ensuring their well-being, personal development, and positive educational experience.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Student Support: Provide pastoral care and support to students with special educational needs, promoting their emotional well-being, resilience, and social development. Offer guidance and advice on personal and social issues, ensuring a safe and inclusive learning environment.
  2. Behaviour Management: Implement effective behaviour management strategies to address challenging behaviours and promote positive conduct among students. Collaborate with teachers and support staff to develop individualized behaviour plans, providing guidance and training where necessary.
  3. Safeguarding and Welfare: Ensure the safety and welfare of students by implementing safeguarding policies and procedures. Act as a designated safeguarding lead, responding promptly to any concerns or incidents, and liaise with external agencies as necessary.
  4. Pastoral Program Development: Design and deliver a comprehensive pastoral program to address the specific needs of students with special educational needs. This may include social skills development, anger management, self-esteem building, and resilience workshops.
  5. Collaboration and Communication: Work closely with teachers, support staff, parents, and external agencies to develop and maintain effective communication channels. Collaborate on student progress, behaviour management plans, and interventions to ensure consistent support.
  6. Individualised Support Plans: Contribute to the development and implementation of individualized support plans for students with special educational needs. Monitor progress, assess effectiveness, and make adjustments to support strategies as required.
  7. Staff Training and Development: Provide guidance and training to staff members on pastoral care, behaviour management, and safeguarding practices. Foster a culture of empathy, inclusivity, and understanding within the school community.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Relevant Experience: Previous experience in a pastoral role within an SEN school or similar educational setting is essential.
  • Knowledge of SEN: A solid understanding of special educational needs and the ability to tailor support and interventions to meet individual requirements.
  • Empathy and Compassion: Demonstrated ability to empathize with and support students with special educational needs, displaying sensitivity, patience, and understanding.
  • Strong Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively engage with students, parents, and colleagues. The ability to provide clear guidance, feedback, and progress updates is essential.
  • Safeguarding Knowledge: A comprehensive understanding of safeguarding policies and procedures, with experience in safeguarding and child protection.
  • Leadership Abilities: Strong leadership and organisational skills to effectively lead a pastoral team, coordinate programs, and implement strategies.
  • Relevant Qualifications: Possession of relevant qualifications in education, pastoral care, or special educational needs is desirable.

If you are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of students with special educational needs and are committed to their overall well-being and personal development, we invite you to join our team. Apply today and help create an inclusive and nurturing learning environment.

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